Sunday, October 22, 2006

First post...

So. It's my first, and I'm struck by the fact that I really have nothing interesting to say. Those of you who don't know me (or at least not well) may be wondering about my blog title "I Call Shotgun on the Hell Express". Well...I figure if I'm going to Hell, be it from my current actions or from previous transgressions (of which there are many), I may as well enjoy the ride! Since I'm not religious, the entire connotation of "Hell" doesn't really mean as much as it would to someone who is, but it's the thought that counts, right? Or maybe not. I really don't know. Or care, to tell you the truth. It's all a state of mind. Or...yeah.

It's not that I'm a bad person, mind you. I'm really a great guy. Ask anyone. Seriously. But. Yes, there's always a 'but' isn't there? I know, it's played out. The whole 'but' concept is tired. However, in this case, a 'but' is well-deserved. I think. So, back the my 'but' (no, not THAT butt you pervert!). BUT, I've done things that would probably qualify for a one-way ticket on the Hell Express. I have a good friend who claims she is driving said Hell Express, so I figure I may as well call 'shotgun' and enjoy the trip! Anyone else have a ticket yet? I hear it's always warm, the parties are off the hook, and the cocktails are incredible...CHEERS!

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