Thursday, February 21, 2008

Despair: Alcohol and Motivation

There is a new, fun tool at called the Parody Motivator Generator. You can basically make your own "demotivator" posters. A friend made the following, featuring another friend who has an affinity for searingly hot food. The Great Balls of Fire referenced are a habanero pepper and cheese fritter dish from local Portland restaurant chain Salvador Molly's. Each fritter contains like an entire habanero pepper or something, and you need to eat 5, plus the habanero-mango chutney that comes with the dish, to get on the "Wall of Flame". The gentleman pictured below has made it on the Wall 3 times now. Crazy...I ate TWO of the Balls, and couldn't talk for an hour. They even made my urine burn. NO, it wasn't the Clap. Sheesh.

Great Balls of Fire!

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  1. Nice! It's actually 1.5 habaneros in each fritter. It should also be mentioned that the friend in the photo was ... um ... well ... let's just say he wasn't seeing straight.


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