Thursday, May 29, 2008

Driving in the Rain? Use Aquapel Glass Treatment!

Aquapel Glass Treatment

I live in Portland Oregon. The Rose City. Stumptown. The Silicon Forest. Rain Hell. Yes, Hell. It has rained so much this year that I think I'm growing webbed feet. And I'm not even a U of O Duck (Go Beavers!). I commute about 12 miles one-way to work each weekday, which means I drive in the rain. A lot. I think I replace my windshield wipers annually too. It still makes driving in the rain a pain in the tuckus. I've tried some of the rain repellent products, like Rain-X and Rain Magic before, but it seems like they always wore off in about a week--reapplying the stuff that often sucks. And then I found Aquapel Glass Treatment.

This hydrophobic coating adheres to your car's windshield MUCH longer than other rain repellant products, and does an incredible job of shedding rain when you are on the road. I noticed that it worked better the faster I drove (more excuse to drive fast!), to the point of me not having to even turn on my wipers. Sweeeeeet. It's very easy to apply too...just squeeze the applicator and apply it to your windshield, then wipe it off with a paper towel (quickly before it 'hazes'). I highly recommend Aquapel. I'm sure you can have it applied at a local auto glass replacement/repair shop, but if not, you can buy it online and apply it yourself. Check it out!

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  1. I agree an excellent product every driver should be using. I've had it on my windshield for over 6 months and its still lasting


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